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From The ____ of Secretary


Dr. S.Mohan Babu, BDS,FAGE, Secretary

As the youngest functionary __ DES, I provide the ______ and dynamic enthusiasm to ___ society. I am guided __ my senior colleagues in ____________ of the entire campus ___________ and other administrative activities __ all our constituents colleges.

We are proud of ___ infrastructure for all colleges ___________1 can assure you that __ are the best. We have _________ laboratory, libraries and teaching __________ in all our colleges.

Dedicated internet facilities, individual ________, audiovisual aids, digital library, _-________ facilities are in various ______ of development. Canteen facilities in ________ to bus transportation are ________ for our students. We have ________ a big sports ground, _ spacious well equipped seminar ____ and are in the _______ of developing greenery in ___ campus in a big ___. _________ facilities for students and _______ are provided. Our hostel __________ are inadequate at the ______, but by next academic ____ we intend to rectify ___ situation.