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Chairman : Dr. A. Bhaskar (_._. Paediatrics)
Secretary : Dr. S Mohan ____ (M.D.S)
Director : Dr. C Rajyalaxmi (MBBS, ___)
Director : Mr. S. Durgaprasad (MSc __________)
Director : Mrs. S. Sreelekha
Director : Dr. A Vijay Shree (____, Radiology)

Chairman’s message

Chairman’s message

Dr. A. Bhaskar

M.D. ___________, It is a rare _________ and once in a ________ opportunity to lead a _______ as dynamic and vibrant __ Dhanvanthari Institute of Pharmaceutical ________.

The body of Dhanvanthari _________ of Pharmaceutical Sciences consisting __ five dominant and post ________ medical professionals along with __ based NRI software professionals ___ an educationalist provided a ___________ and focused leadership. What _______ with the establishment of ________ institute in 2007.

The inputs of individual _______ each according to their ________ under focused leadership ensured ___ round development of campus. ___ the constitute colleges follow ___ modern methods of teaching ____ audio and video aids ____________ with regular seminars among ________.

As policy we invite ___ prominent and distinguished professionals __ interact with our students _____ not only broaden their ______ but stimulates them to ___ for higher goals. Industry- ________’ interactions is path we ____ now identified and are __________ in a big way __ provide insights for our ________.

All round development of ___ our students with participation __ social services, sports, cultural __________ in addition to academics __ encouraged. Personality development and ____________ of soft skill and _____________ abilities is the need __ the hour and we ____ initiated several steps in ____ direction. Our vision: very ________ Dhanvanthari Institute of Pharmaceutical ________ is a model graduate/ ____ graduate equipped with good ________ competency, communication skills and ________ attitude who cares for ___ society and committed to ___ profession.